Business Certifications

CTS offers Professional Business courses for individuals and groups with a desire to develop competencies and enhance their skill in these areas. A certificate of completion is awarded to all students who successfully complete the course, a fine enhancement to any resume.


Customer Service Management

This is an intensive course in the field of CUSTOMER SERVICE. It will cover key areas of Customer Service Management and its purpose is to teach the attendees how to manage, motivate, and maximize customer service personnel.



A course specifically designed for entrepreneurs, freelancers and small business owners! Major advances in technology have seen ecommerce becoming extremely important for businesses wanting to take their startup to the next level. Participants of this program will learn proven tactics to help GROW their existing businesses or utilize their skill set on a global landscape.


Emergency First Responder

The course focuses on providing essential emergency training for the average citizen and the corporate community in responding to emergencies they may face at home, work and within their communities.


Event Management

This is an introductory course in the field of Event Management. The course is constructed in a multifaceted way so as to develop the students’ creative thinking, resource management, problem solving, conflict management and decision making skills.


Establishing Your Online Presence

Each year thousands of graduates enter the market place seeking employment; at the same time employers are cutting jobs and downsizing in an effort to remain competitive in our current economic climate. This effectively means that there are more persons seeking employment making the marketplace extremely competitive. Employers are no longer contented with just reviewing your CV but are routinely checking your digital footprint – the information about you online. What is your online presence saying about you? Establishing your online presence is geared at using Social Media to enhance your employability by establishing your credibility and authority in your chosen field.



This course aims to maximise the leadership potential in participants. This course will provide an environment that is engaging, collaborative and supportive for all leaner types.  At the end of this course participants would feel energised and empowered to take their leadership skills to the next level, challenging them through practical, and theory based examples.  This course would broaden your leadership scope and encourage you to think globally while reflecting on your own leadership philosophy and facilitating purposeful change.


Mediation for Non-Mediators

This program will give you the skills set and tools to help you have those difficult conversations with your staff.  Discover how to set a positive example on a professional and personal level; learn to eliminate the stress, illness, and staff losses than can result from conflict, and extract positive results from managed conflicts.


Payroll and Taxation Management

This course focuses on the various elements of income tax legislation and includes numerous workshops on calculating employees' pay and employers' payments such as VAT, green fund and business levy.


Perfecting the Art of Public Speaking

This is an introductory course into the study and practice of the principles in strategic, confident, and credible public speaking. Public speaking is the process of speaking to a group of people. It is one of the most valued skills that a person can possess. The aims of public speaking are to inform, convince, influence, persuade or entertain.


Resume Writing / Interviewing Skills

This course focuses the salient components of the resume and how it should be compiled in a succinct manner within a two page document. The participant would then be guided through the steps of how to prepare and market themselves in an interview environment.


Skin Care and Makeup Artistry

Whether you are looking to grow or start a business, climb the corporate ladder, increase your salary, change your career path, maintain your current position, create additional income or just get qualified - the one (1) day Skincare, Makeup Artistry and Image Management program – The Edge, while you work or study will get you there sooner.This is an introductory course into the study of Basic Skin Care, Makeup Artistry and Image Management.


Supervisory Management - Introductory Level

This is an introductory but well-rounded course in the field of Management. It is structured to cover most of the key areas of Leadership and Management and its purpose is to teach the attendees the principles of effective leadership and how to discover their own leadership style and use it to their advantage.


Supervisory Management - Advanced Level

This is a comprehensive programme developed to train persons in the field of Management. It is structured to cover most of the key areas of Leadership and Management and its purpose is to teach the attendees the principles of effective leadership. Additionally, this programme focuses on participants developing their own leadership style and using it to their advantage.


The Power of Self & Sales Mastery

A critical part of the sales and marketing strategy and the overriding goal of any organization is to ensure a well- staffed, fully trained, highly motivated and well-equipped Sales Force which is vital to a company's "Profitability Guaranteed" program and overall success.


Writing for Law Enforcement Officers

Writing matters. In the world of business, it is a key communications tool. In the world of law enforcement, report writing can make the difference between a conviction and release. In all professions, writing is a fundamental skill. Law enforcement officers are required to develop a high volume of reports with varying complexity levels on a daily basis. These reports often become formal court documents. Law enforcement officers are therefore tasked to focus and apply critical thinking skills and organisation in the development of their reports. In this Report Writing for Law Enforcement Officers programme, you will learn to learn about writing as a communications tool, the craft and mechanics of the English Language and the critical skills required to develop professional documents. 


Starting your Business: A step by step approach

Running a business is challenging and complicated and many first-time businesses fail due to lack of structure and business planning.

Find out how whether your idea is viable and how to turn that idea into an active business. Additionally students will learn about the legal requirements and consideration for starting a business in Trinidad and Tobago.

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