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The fast track to success.

Whether you are looking to grow or start a business, climb the corporate ladder, increase your salary, change your career path, maintain your current position or just get qualified - the 12 Month MBA, while you work will get you there sooner.


Created by academic and business leaders to flex around your work and personal needs - the 12 Month MBA will complement your life, not complicate it.


  • ACCELERATED - Same content, shorter course duration.
  • ACCREDITED - Fully accredited within the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF).
  • PRACTICAL - Work-applied learning approach.
  • ACCESSIBLE - Enrol based on management experience alone or previous study.
  • FLEXIBLE - Take up to 3 years to complete, if you need the extra time.
  • GLOBAL - 10 locations in 6 countries.
  • CONVENIENT - Weekend workshops rather than week-day lectures.
  • MULTIPLE QUALIFICATIONS - Get qualified at every stage of your MBA.
  • NETWORKING - Build contacts with executives locally, nationally and internationally.
  • ACHIEVABLE - Open-book exam and take-home assignment.
  • AFFORDABLE - Low course fees but high return on investment.


Get qualified before you graduate.

This specialization offers an effective blend of business subjects and electives which focus on creating successful entrepreneurs and business leaders.


This course equips students with knowledge of international best practices in the field and prepares them to take advantage of new and potential business opportunities. Students gain the skills needed to develop effective business strategies and have a working knowledge of entrepreneurial management skills. The MBA equips students with the practical knowledge and concepts necessary for becoming effective entrepreneurs or for those seeking to gain employment in organizations which focus on entrepreneurial ventures.


Whether students intend to start or improve their own business or become an agent for innovation within an organisation, this MBA provides them with the academic and practical skills necessary to become a successful entrepreneur.


Applicants must choose the course they wish to undertake before submitting their application to CTS. Students pursuing the MBA (Entrepreneurial Management) are required to complete 7 core subjects, 4 specialisation subjects and a final project:


Core Subjects

  • Leadership
  • Strategic Human Resource Management
  • Strategic Management
  • Financial Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Corporate Governance
  • Operations Management


Specialisation Subjects

  • Entrepreneurship
  • New Venture Creation
  • International Business
  • Franchising


No Degree? No problem.

We understand that not everyone has taken the traditional route to get to where they are. Many of our students have not completed a first degree but may have years of management or business experience. Others have formal qualifications but not much work experience.
The 12 Month MBA will take you where you want to go, regardless of where you have been.

Applicants wishing to do the MBA can enter based on any one of the following three entry requirements:

  1. A qualification deemed equivalent to an Australian Bachelor’s degree; or
  2. A qualification deemed equivalent to an Australian Advanced Diploma with at least 3 years relevant work experience; or
  3. A minimum of 3 years of verifiable managerial experience.


If you are using a Bachelor's degree to get in please provide a resume and:

  • Copy of your degree certificate.
  • Copy of your transcript.


If you are using an Advanced Diploma plus 3 years work experience please provide a resume and:

  • Copy of your advanced diploma certificate.
  • Copy of your transcript for the advanced diploma programme.
  • Letter from employer (you may use more than one letter) to show proof of 3 years work experience.

If you are using 3 years management experience please provide a resume and:

  • Completed cover letter and managerial form. These must be completed by employer.
  • An org chart signed by the person you are reporting to, dated, and stamped. Your position in the org chart must be clearly identifiable.



AIB MBA Ranking

AIB's MBA has placed 4th in Australia and 10th in the World according to the latest MBA rankings released in the Winter 2014/15 edition of CEO Magazine (UK).

CTS College takes pride in being an approved teaching centre for the Australian Institute of Business’ globally recognised MBA and BBA programmes. Many of the college’s students and graduates have experienced success in their professional and personal lives and we believe that these affordable programmes can add value to your life too.



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MBA and BBA Information Session

CTS College will be hosting a free information session on the AIB MBA and BBA programmes at the Radisson Hotel on Saturday 5th November from 10:00am to 11:00am.

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