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The fast track to success.

Whether you are looking to grow or start a business, climb the corporate ladder, increase your salary, change your career path, maintain your current position or just get qualified - the 12 Month MBA, while you work will get you there sooner.


Created by academic and business leaders to flex around your work and personal needs - the 12 Month MBA will complement your life, not complicate it.


12 Month MBA Snapshot

  • ACCELERATED - Same content, shorter course duration.
  • ACCREDITED - Fully accredited within the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF).
  • PRACTICAL - Work-applied learning approach.
  • ACCESSIBLE - Enrol based on management experience alone or previous study.
  • FLEXIBLE - Take up to 3 years to complete, if you need the extra time.
  • GLOBAL - More than 15 locations in 10 countries.
  • CONVENIENT - Weekend workshops rather than week-day lectures.
  • MULTIPLE QUALIFICATIONS - Get qualified at every stage of your MBA.
  • NETWORKING - Build contacts with executives locally, nationally and internationally.
  • ACHIEVABLE - Open-book exam and take-home assignment.
  • AFFORDABLE - Low course fees but high return on investment.


Get qualified before you graduate.

 The MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management (LSCM) provides students with a comprehensive and sound application of logistics management. Globally and locally there is a growing need for professionals in the field of logistics and supply chain management, organisations are always looking for individuals with procurement expertise who can manage the processes involved in supply chain activities.


The LSCM specialization will provide students with the opportunity to work in an exciting new field, improve their own businesses or simply gain promotions within their current organisation. This specialisation is the most effective way to advance in the field of procurement or logistics and supply chain management. The field of logistics and supply chain involves many critical aspects of manufacturing, distribution and even service based industries. Graduates of this MBA will have a competitive advantage and more importantly will be equipped with the knowledge and expertise to excel in their careers.


Students must enrol for a minimum of 4 MBA subjects (excluding re-sits). The maximum period allowed to undertake all 12 MBA subjects is 3 years. Therefore students must enrol in a minimum of 4 subjects per year.

Subjects Available

Applicants must choose the course they wish to undertake before submitting their application to CTS. Students pursuing the MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management are required to complete 7 core subjects, 4 LSCM specialisation subjects and a final project:


Core Subjects

  • Leadership
  • Strategic Human Resource Management
  • Strategic Management
  • Strategic Finance Issues
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Corporate Governance Concepts and Practices
  • Strategic Operations Issues


Specialisation Subjects

  • Project Management
  • Integrated Logistics Management
  • Strategic Supply Chain Management
  • New Product Management


No Degree? No problem.

We understand that not everyone has taken the traditional route to get to where they are. Many of our students have not completed a first degree but may have years of management or business experience. Others have formal qualifications but not much work experience. The 12 Month MBA will take you where you want to go, regardless of where you have been.


Applicants wishing to do the MBA can enter based on any one of the following three entry requirements:

  • A qualification deemed equivalent to an Australian Bachelor’s degree; OR
  • A qualification deemed equivalent to an Australian Advanced Diploma with at least 3 years relevant work experience; OR
  • A minimum of 3 years of verifiable managerial experience.


How do I become enrolled?

To register for the MBA you can complete the application form and submit the necessary supporting documentation outlined below. Additionally, you can visit us at 120 Montrose Main Road, Chaguanas with the following documents:


If you are using a Bachelor’s degree to get in please provide:

  • Copy of your degree certificate.
  • Copy of your transcript.

If you are using an Advanced Diploma plus 3 years work experience please provide:

  • Copy of your advanced diploma certificate.
  • Copy of your transcript for the advanced diploma programme.
  • Letter from employer (you may use more than one letter) to show proof of 3 years work experience.

If you are using 3 years management experience please provide:

  • Letter from employer stating your job title, that is, a management position, the number of persons under you, and the date you started your position (or the number of years you have been in a management position).
  • An org chart signed by the person you are reporting to, dated, and stamped. Your position in the org chart must be clearly identifiable.


Affordable. Investment.

Registration with CTS

Students typically register at the beginning of each semester and there is a registration fee of TT$500.00
Kindly bring with you 2 forms of valid Identification which may be chosen from your Birth Certificate or National ID or Passport for GATE claim.


Registration with AIB

Students registering with AIB will need to pay a one-off application fee of AUD $50.


Module Payments to AIB

Programme is made up of 3 semesters - each 4 months in duration

Students make 3 payments of AUD$1,000 (approx. TT$7,200) every 4 months.

Total fees to AIB = AUD $3,000 (approx. TT$21,600)

* The exchange rate used is TT7.2 = AUD $1. However this may vary.


NB: Payment must be made at least two weeks before the start of the semester (typically around 20th of the month before starting e.g. 20th September if starting in October).


Plan your schedule months ahead.

Depending on the number of students enrolled we may have a combination of weekend or evening classes. Weekend classes will be Saturdays and Sundays from 9am to 5pm or so but there will be only 3 days of classes.


  • Cohort 1 has classes on Saturday of Week 1, Sunday of Week 2 and Saturday of Week 3
  • Cohort 2 has classes on Sunday of Week 1, Saturday of Week 2 and Sunday of Week 3



NB: It is possible the schedule may change based on the size of the cohort.


There is a 25% assignment due on the Tuesday of week 3 and an 75% open-book examination due on the Thursday of week 4. The cycle repeats the next month.

The maximum size of each cohort is 25 so contact us to register now.

MonthCodeSubjectsSubject Type
January 712SFI Strategic Finance Issues CS
February 705SMKT Strategic Marketing CS
March 722CGOV Corporate Governance Concepts and Practices CS
April 710SOI Strategic Operations Issues CS
May 730ILOG Integrated Logistics Management SS
June 726PMCP Project Management: Concepts and Practice SS
July 731SSUP Strategic Supply Chain Management SS
August 734NPM New Product Management SS
October 702LEAD Leadership CS
November 711SHRM Strategic Human Resource Management CS
December 703SMGT Strategic Management CS
Must be taken as the last subject 729PROJ Final Project FP


Core Subject CS
Specialisation Subject SS
Final Project FP

The Australian Institute of Business (AIB) MBA achieves Top Ranking!

AIB adds another achievement to its impressive list. In January 2013 their MBA Programme offered at CTS College of Business and Computer Science was ranked #3 in Australia and #10 in the world by CEO Magazine (UK). This achievement is a pristine testament to the quality, standards and practical attributes of the MBA that make it such a valued and globally recognised qualification.


The division of CEO Magazine that publishes rankings is called the International Graduate Forum (IGF). IGF set about identifying business schools that met the expectations of students and the industry; they selected schools from Europe, North America and Australia. Some of the criteria used in the ranking system included Accreditation, International Diversity, class size and student ratios, International Diversity and faculty with PhD’s and business backgrounds to name a few. According to the IGF, MBA ranking tables not only demonstrated the qualities today’s MBA applicants look for, they were, and are, capable of challenging the established, globally recognised MBA providers.


In addition the MBA was impressively featured by CEO magazine in a full 5 page spread. This achievement by AIB is further validation that AIB is a leading Business school and the MBA programme is one of the best in the world. It is testament to the highest quality standards, business/ career enhancements and practical approach that alumni from over 70 countries have experienced over the last 25 years.


At CTS College of Business and Computer Science, we believe that with a combination of outstanding student support and quality faculty/lecturing services, the now internationally ranked MBA will give students a competitive advantage!


For more information regarding the MBA please contact Mr. Ravi Johnson via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone 720-9537.


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