Graduation 2015 Newsletter

When, Where and What?

The Graduation Committee 2015 is hard at work on what is considered to be our biggest and best graduation ever. Gowns have been imported, your trophies are here and the medals have that fine gold finish. The cameras are getting ready to take just about the best shot of you on our day of celebration. This newsletter is geared to update you on what is happening and what you are required to do!


When is Graduation 2015?

Graduation 2015 will be held on Sunday 13th December 2015


Where is Graduation 2015?

Graduation 2015 will take place at The Regency Ballroom of Hyatt Regency Hotel, Port of Spain!


What time do I need to be at the Graduation for?

The Graduation starts at 12:00noon and typically ends at 3:00pm.

Dinner starts right after the graduation ceremony has ended.


Students are asked to be at the venue from 10:00am to be fitted with your graduation regalia (gown, hat, hood) and to have your graduation portrait taken. Given the number of students we really need you to be early.


Guests are asked to be seated by 11:45am.


What would I get at the Graduation?

You will collect your parchment (certificate) for your Bachelor’s Degree. Students who completed the programme in August/September will get both their transcript and certificate. Students not attending the graduation can collect these at the CTS Admin Office from the Wednesday after the graduation.


Why should I attend?

The graduation ceremony is a celebration of your hard work, dedication and your sacrifice as well as an achievement that marks your pinnacle of success. But remember, for many of you, the sacrifice was not just yours; your family and loved ones have also made this journey achievable. CTS and UH had our roles to play as well. So graduation day is our way of celebrating that we are more than overcomers. The atmosphere is one of merriment and provides a great opportunity for socializing with your friends and classmates.


How should I dress?

The graduation is a formal occasion however we don’t want this to impact your attendance. While most male students wear suits, others wear shirt and tie. Female students may wear cocktail dresses or elegant evening wear.


You can wear any colour outfit you like. You will be wearing your graduation robe/gown over your outfit from the start to the end of the ceremony. After pictures have been taken, you may remove your gowns.



Tickets – when can I get them?

Tickets for the graduation are going on sale starting October 17th. When you purchase your tickets please let us know your meal preference (vegetarian or meat) and let us know who you would like to be seated next to (other students) for the Graduation Dinner (which follows the ceremony). Ideally we would like to seat you next to your close friends.
Note: Each table seats 10 persons.


Do I need tickets for my guests?

All persons attending the graduation (both students and their guests) need a ticket each. Each guest will also need a ticket. Therefore if you and 2 guests are attending you will need to purchase 3 tickets in total.


What is the cost of the tickets?

Tickets are priced at $600 each – the student and the guest both pay the same price. The students’ ticket is heavily subsidized by CTS College.


What do I get with the ticket?

A graduating student’s ticket includes the cost of the following:

  • Dinner and a complimentary drink (dinner at the Hyatt is roughly $500 per person)
  • Rental of Robe, Hood and graduation cap*
  • Your Graduation Portrait
  • Your Picture with the Vice Chancellor (while crossing the stage)
  • Graduation Medallion
  • Diploma Holder or Scroll
  • DVD of the ceremony
  • Trophies for students getting first class honours
  • Subject Prizes for students topping each subject
  • The Programme Booklet

* Given the past experience of unreturned gowns, students are now asked to pay a deposit of $200 to collect their gowns. Once the gown has been returned you will be refunded $150 – the other $50 would contribute towards the cost of dry cleaning the gown and hood. The refund will be given when the gown is returned (once not soiled nor damaged). Gowns can be collected at the school from November 10th.


Guest Ticket

Each ticket entitles guests to dinner and a drink.

Where can I purchase the tickets?

The tickets are available to the CTS Administration Office in the Main Building.


Is there a payment plan for the tickets?

Students can pay for their tickets in installment however you would only get the ticket after you have completed payment. You can pay each month if you like. Tickets however must be paid off by November 30th.


Can I reserve tickets if I can’t pay for them right away?

Yes you can! Tickets can be reserved by emailing your programme manager [Ravi Ragoonath ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) for BSc CS/IT OR Jude Bernard ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) for BABA] indicating your name and the total number of tickets you would like reserved. Tickets would be reserved up to November 20th. If payment is not made by then the tickets will be available for open purchase.


What forms of payment are available?

Tickets can be paid for by cash or card (visa or linx).


Is there a deadline date for the purchase of tickets?

In order to ensure a smooth running of the graduation and to ensure seating arrangements and resources are available, we have established a cut-off date of November 30th for purchasing of graduation tickets.


Is there a limit on how many tickets I can purchase?

To ensure all students are allowed the opportunity to graduate given the seating for 600 persons, we are allowing a max of 5 tickets per student (= 1 student and 4 guests). If you require additional tickets, we will add you to a waiting list for the additional tickets and by 21st November we will be in a position to confirm if you can be allocated the additional tickets.


Seating Arrangements

During the ceremony all students will be seated next to each other in alphabetical order and by programme (all BSc CS students will be seated in alphabetical order and all BSc IT students will be seated in alphabetical order and all BABA students will be seated in alphabetical order etc). Your families will be seated at the back around the circular dining tables. At the end of the formal  ceremony you can join them for dinner. Of course when you purchase your ticket, let us know which other students you would like to share your table with and we will do our best to accommodate your request.


What happens when the formal graduation ceremony has completed?

Although the formal ceremony ends at 3pm, the fun begins right after 3pm. After dinner is served this is when the real graduation lime starts. Students often use this as a time for taking pictures and meeting each other’s family or to get a photo opportunity with your favourite lecturer or programme manager or your friends. Music is available and there is a dance floor awaiting you to enjoy the rest of the afternoon. Most students don’t leave until 7pm.


If I opt to stay the night at the Hyatt is there a special package?

Have a blast for your graduation then just a few steps away go straight to your room using the “Take the Elevator Home” programme. Special rates of US$149 for a room (tax included) with breakfast (1 person for breakfast only) or US$169 for room (tax included) with breakfast for 2 persons. See reservation form attached and a flyer. For additional information call Imani Farier at the Hyatt Regency or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




This newsletter is courtesy the Graduation Committee 2015
CTS College of Business and Computer Science Ltd


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