CTS College BSc. students win 2 University of Hertfordshire Prizes


CTS College has done it again! Our students have won 2 University Prizes at the University of Hertfordshire’s BSc Programme Awards for students completing the programme in January 2018. These awards are based on students’ academic performance. In recognition of the outstanding achievement, the University has awarded the students the following:

  1. School Prize and
  2. Amazon Award Voucher


The 2 students are:

  • Aroondell Ramnath
  • Kerwin Thompson


We would like to congratulate both students on their exceptional performance. Achieving such a rare accomplishment demonstrates a high level of ability, coupled with commitment and hard work.


NOTE: Only 2 awards were given out in January and both were won by CTS College's students.


CTS College will be hosting a free information session for the BSc Computer Science and BSc Information Technology programmes. The session will be held on:

Date: Saturday 24th March from 10am to 11am

Venue: CTS College

Register here: http://bit.ly/2zH9lXu

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