CTS College wins 3 ABE World Prizes in the December 2017 examinations

At CTS College, we have always taken pride in the outstanding academic performances of our students. Throughout the years, we have earned a reputation for providing outstanding student support and going the extra mile to ensure all students achieve academic excellence. In the past our students consistently achieved world prizes in the ABE and University of Hertfordshire programmes.


In the December 2017 ABE Examinations, CTS College achieved three ABE World Prizes. Truly a remarkable achievement by our students and lecturers. The achievement also made us the Winner of seven ABE World Prizes in 2017, the most by any institution in Trinidad. CTS College had previously won four ABE World Prizes in the June 2017 examination series. This achievement adds to the impressive list of 51 ABE world prizes won by CTS College since 2010. We also take this opportunity to congratulate and commend our hardworking lecturers who taught the world prize winners this time around.


The ABE programme is offered in over in over 30 countries at over 150 teaching centres. Today, 1.5 million people have mastered essential and advanced modern business concepts through studying for an ABE qualification, and ABE continues to play a vital role in helping to diversify and grow economies, reducing inequality within and among countries. Therefore, the magnitude of a winning an ABE World Prize cannot be understated as it takes hard work, dedication and a hint of brilliance on the student's part! We say heartfelt congratulations to the following ABE World Prize Winners of CTS College.



Miss Anjalie Simboo

Corporate Finance

Miss Anjalie Simboo

Managing in Organisations

Miss Narissa Bachoo

Quantitative Methods for Business Management


Anjalie Simboo has won an unprecedented 7 ABE World Prizes, surely one for the record books!

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